We distribute general fertilizers, raw materials and minor elements.  We also distribute herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and biologicals, dosmaticTM injectors, Insta-TiesTM and coppernapthenate.  Below are just a few of the many products available from The Romeo Packing Co.  Contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

Romeo Packing Co. manufactures dry and soluble fertilizers.  Our expertise lies in custom blending products for the many and varied applications of the nursery, farm and landscape industries.  Our unique and accurate blending methods allow us to produce highly specialized dry, soluble and slow release blends as well as premixed fertilizers for soils.









Potted Plant Sleeves
We offer brown kraft, white paper, and plastic plant sleeves.  Our paper sleeves are individually machine made of high quality water resistant paper, then nested, assuring dimensional accuracy and consistent quality.  We keep a large inventory of various sleeve sizes to fit pots from 3" to 16".  Custom sizes, vented and un-nested sleeves are available upon request.


Decorative Foil
Pre-cut sheets of decorative foil are available in sizes ranging from 8x8 to 24x24 inch.  Our standard embossing pattern is "basket" but we also offer an "eggshell" or "fern leaf" pattern upon request.  Custom sizing, rainbow packs and small retail packs are also offered.








Retail Plant Foods
Romeo soluble and dry plant foods are available in retail packages of one and five pounds.  Private label packaging is also offered.








Greenhouse Shading Compound
We blend two grades of powdered greenhouse shading.  Our "#3 Light" will come off in one rain and our "#9 Heavy" will last five to six rains.  Both provide the same superior degree of shading but neither will require scrubbing to remove.

For additional product information and pricing, please contact us.  We would
be happy to answer any questions that you might have.


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